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Skin Rejuvenation Procedures - Total Skin & Beauty Dermatology Center

The zone of thermal damage causes collagen shrinkage or contraction, which is a unique characteristic for CO2 laser resurfacing. This gives an added benefit to wrinkle treatment not found with either dermabrasion or chemical peeling. This is especially true with perioral and periorbital wrinkled skin. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing requires anesthesia; either general operative anesthesia or tumescent local anesthesia for the entire face. Laser safety precautions are needed to prevent laser fire or laser injury to the employees, the unprotected skin, the teeth or even the endotracheal tube for general anesthesia. These must be protected with appropriate laser resistant materials; eye shields, teeth guards and appropriate laser resistant endotracheal tube wrapping. Using the CPG, the operator must remember that the pulse overlap for a chosen pattern size and shape is set so that each pattern is made to touch yet not overlap. The density is an important parameter in determining laser beam intensity. One should not go above a density of 6 with facial resurfacing. Each pass should cover the face fully, vaporizing the tissue to ash and debris, which is wiped off between each pass.

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